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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

studies vs. exams

hello reader.

tomorrow will be my first exam paper for at my final semester. i'm taking two papers and a dissertation. actually, i am studying my strategic management paper for tomorrow morning. to tell you, it's a very last minute study. yes, always a last minute. 

i love study but i hate exams. i wonder (maybe lots of people/ students) out there feel the same. is examination the only way to measure your intellectuality? is examination the only way to show you that you are ready enough to venture the real working world out there?

i love study. i really do. logically, why would i want to further my study this far if i don't like what i am doing. but unfortunately i don't think that exam is necessary to measure whatever that the malaysian education system is trying to prove.

i registered for my master program without any justification. some of my friends eager to continue study to a master or even phd level to secure a job/ or to be a lecturer. some of them wants to get a better offer of working after graduating a master degree/ phd. i just don't have a clue why did i register the program. one thing for sure, i love to learn things. new things. to gain extra knowledge, to master in something. that's all that i know.

going back to the topic, when it comes to every lesson of every semester, there will come an end to complete the semester. which is a final exam. since the very at early age, children in malaysia have been taught to pass the exams. do you realize how pressuring it is and how frustrating it feels? i know all the lessons taught in the class, but whenever i'm answering the exams paper, i was like 'what was i studying?'. all that i read gone in a second. okay, logically, is it fair say that i was not an excellent student just because i did't get 4.0 flat? is it fair to say if i get bad result just because i can't answer the exam papers?, not because i know nothing, it's because i have a nerve wreaking in a exam-sitting situation.

i am working and at the same time, i am also a student. i know how the real working world treating people like 'me'. it is not a guarantee that a 4.0 flat student can adapt with the working environment. we are not 100% will be using all that we learn during study, it's a matter how we trying to solve every situation.

malaysian government should do a depth study about this, i should say. 

guys, wish me luck for my exams. i am sure will need all the luck in the world!



a.d.i.b.a.h said...

Kite same laa. Smbg master sbb mak suro. Tu je laa satu2 nye impian mak. Tp pejam celik xlama pn. I love study but i hate exams! Hehe. Goodluck dear. All the best!

Nuzulul Fatehanie said...

adibah, i study sbb bkn psl org suruh. mmg diri sndiri nak.. tu la.. x suke exams. good luck to you too dear..